Baby Silicone Cup with Straw
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Baby Silicone Cup with Straw

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Looking for a cup that’s just perfect for your little one? Look no further than the Baby Silicone Cup with Straw!

This nifty cup features two comfortable handles, making it easy for your little one to hold. Plus, the built-in straw makes drinking a breeze – perfect for outside adventures.


This fun and functional cup is perfect for on-the-go drinking, with a soft silicone body and whimsical kitty design. It comes in soft colors – so you can pick your favorite without worries about your little one being irritated by vivid colors.

Made of safe silicone, these cups are perfect for kids who are always on the move. The silicone material is soft and lightweight, making it easy for tiny hands to grip. No more spills or messes! So ditch those plastic cups and switch to Baby Silicone Cups with Straws – they’re better for your kid and the environment.

This innovative cup features detachable parts that can be sterilized by hot steam, boiling water, or ultraviolet light, making it perfect for both baby and toddler. The soft silicone construction is gentle on delicate gums. Plus this cup is resistant to different temperatures, so you can microwave and refrigerate it without issue.





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32 reviews for Baby Silicone Cup with Straw

  1. C***a

    My son LOVES to drink from this cup

  2. N****o

    It was easy for him to hold and didn’t leak. Good size for a 1 year old.

  3. R****y

    They are great and my son loves them and they don’t spill at all which is nice

  4. B***e

    We love this but really wish they were leak proof, easy to take along to travel though.

  5. L*****v

    Love the cups!!!! So cute so easy for my daughter to use. Great to use on the run and at home. Obsessed!!!

  6. D****n

    I love the size of these cups for tiny hands. On top of being better for the environment, they are leakproof and easy to clean!

  7. A****n

    I thought they were larger in size. They are very nice cups for a baby learning to drink out of a straw!

  8. H***u

    The first one can with minor damage and the customer service went above and beyond to make it right! Will buy for my other kids for sure!

  9. G****a

    My toddler chucks this cup on the floor when he is done drinking it, and almost every time the lid pops off and everything spills out.

  10. L****a

    I really like these. They’re cute and functional. We always use them for my son’s water and milk at home and on the run.

  11. U****h

    He likes his cup. Only problem is that it can be hard to get the lid on securely and if he throws it down to floor the lid will pop off.

  12. M****w

    I love this cup! I got it for my 8month old and she absolutely loves it too! No leaks, easy to suck the straw, you don’t have to bite it to get water out etc.

  13. H****o

    Cute & good size, but the lid is super easy to get off. My 1 year olds got it off no problem, thank goodness I only had water in them. Other than they’re great.

  14. T****r

    Adorable, small, easy to clean but not for clever babies! Hard to deal and you can easily just rip the top off. Wanted to love these but had to get something more secure.

  15. I****w

    My kids love these cups so much and I love that the straws stay inside and don’t spill!! They’re a great design and feeling. Definitely recommend them!!

  16. E****d

    This is my almost 2 year olds favorite cup. He loves the straw and doesn’t have suction problems. We have had suction problems with a lot of other straw cups. Totally recommend this

  17. R***l

    I love these and my grandaughter always asks for her cups. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the top is a little tricky. Otherwise I highly recommend this product!

  18. W****y

    This is one of the few straw cups that don’t have a bite valve. The size is perfect for my grandson and he can easily hold it and drink from it. The cup does leak if he throws it to the ground but it’s just a few drops.

  19. D****y

    We have been using this cup to help teach our 10 month old to drink from a straw. It’s great. Easy for her to hold. Doesn’t require too much suction, but it doesn’t leak (even when she holds it upside down). It’s great.

  20. P****o

    I wanted to love these for smoothies for my 2 year olds, but they can both open them within seconds and smoothie is often left all over the kitchen. Silicone is nice quality and the colors are adorable. Would be good if your kids don’t try to get into everything.

  21. S****m

    These are very nice, but my barely one year old loves to just rip the top off, so I think we’ll save them for when she’s older. That being said, the quality is wonderful and love the straw incorporated into the top.

  22. V****i

    I love these cups, and more importantly, my daughter does too! They’re perfect for her little hands. We love the colors, and the handles and they are the perfect size. My daughter normally drinks from a small glass mason jar or a metal thermos, so I’m really happy to have found these ( especially since we have concrete floors! )

  23. D****k

    These little cups are awesome for my one year old little boy! He smacks them around and he’s only spilled it one time but honestly it was my fault! I caught it on my shirt and ripped the lid off! The straw barely leaks as well! All around a 8.5/10 for the value! Would recommend, also they’re very cute!

  24. C****m

    Love these for my 9 month old. Just the right amount of water. It doesn’t come up the straw too fast where others do, causing her to choke a little. As long as I make sure the top is sealed all the way around, it stays on while she bounces it around the tray. My 3 year old also likes it.

  25. B***n

    I think these are super cute. The silicone now flexible and easy for a baby to hold. Also easy to clean. But be aware that if your child throws this cup.. as babies are want to do… The lid pops off and the contents fly everywhere. Do NOT walk away from your kid while they’re holding this thing unless you just love cleaning sticky juice off of your walls, floor and fridge.

  26. K****o

    I loved this cup so much I bought a second one right away. These are the only sippy cups my son can use on his own. He doesn’t tip them up high enough so he needs one with a straw but all the others I tried leaked so bad. We haven’t had any issues with these at all and my son can finally drink his water or milk without me holding up his cup for him

  27. T*****a

    I like the style of these! Super cute! There are a few things that are important to me in a cup. 1. Non-toxic. 2. Dishwasher safe. This cup fits that criteria. It is on the smaller side and it is perfect for on the go. Exactly what I wanted. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase and my toddler took to it right away.

  28. F****h

    These are my favorite baby cups. My ten month old can easily hold and use them. The straw has flaps so it doesn’t leak easily. The handles are perfect for her to learn to do things for herself. They’re the perfect baby size. My 15 year old hasn’t complained about them while doing dishes so they must be pretty easy to clean too.

  29. R****l

    My daughter is so picky and literally hates every cup we have tried except mam. She loves straws but some are harder to suck through or she pulls them out. I bought these as they looked super cute and loved the idea of the straw not be able to move. Downfall, if they figure out how to take the top off (it’s not hard) you’re screwed. However my daughter only tried once and realized how easy it was to drink out of and hasn’t tried to take it off again!

  30. J****e

    My son loves these new cups! I was having a hard time finding straw cups for toddlers that he liked and so far he is loving these! They are easy to use, perfect size, and easy for him to hold. Perfect for at meal time or on the go. I love that they are non toxic and dishwasher safe. I recommend these for either infants learning to use a straw or toddlers on the go!

  31. L****n

    My daughter took onto it very quickly. Looked like it was pretty easy to drink from the straw unlike the weighted munchkin one. She also figured out how to take the top off but saw her so eager to learn to drink without a straw and when she had a hard time with her water spilling, she put the top back on herself. It was pretty cool to watch. I like these. Def will keep these.

  32. D****y

    This cup is PERFECT for infants who are just beginning to learn. My 8-month old figured out how to use this straw immediately. I leave it in her play space and she drinks from it during independent play whenever she wants and we also pack it in her diaper bag for when we’re out and about. This cup does drip if you hold it vertically upside down and I don’t think it would be suitable for toddlers who would experiment with squeezing. If squeezed hard enough the lid will pop off or will squirt from the air flow valve. When dropped it doesn’t pop off though. Overall this product works great for us and served its purpose very well, we’ll see when she grows out of it.

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